January 20, 2021

Avidbots Neo400x275Avidbots, which develops autonomous floor cleaners, announced the deployment of its Neo robot to Champagne Centre, a health and wellness complex in Toronto. The Neo robot will be deployed in the medical facility within the complex, the company announced.

Based in Kitchener, Ontario, Avidbots is designing, manufacturing and deploying autonomous connected robots “to expand human potential and increase organizational productivity.” The Neo system helps businesses clean and sanitize efficiently, especially during COVID-19 scenarios. The Champagne Center, a health and recreational facility located north of Toronto, is a 27,000-square-foot community complex that offers tools for patrons to lead a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle.

“A core component of that vision is the continued health and safety of both our community and staff,” said Samer Shomar, development manager at Champagne Center. “We’re committed to and excited for innovative solutions, like Neo, that allows us to deliver the ultimate customer service.”

Neo will assist in cleaning the medical facilities within the complex, freeing up existing cleaning staff focusing on floor scrubbing to dedicate the time needed to clean other areas of the center. 

“We are excited to work with Champagne Center to bring our fully autonomous cleaning solution, Neo, to their facilities to deliver an outstanding customer experience,” said Faizan Sheikh, CEO and co-founder of Avidbots. The company said it currently has hundreds of Neos deployed around the world, which has autonomously cleaned more than 1.75 billion square feet of surfaces.