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OnRobotVGP20 400x275Denmark-based OnRobot has released its new VGP20 gripper, an electric vacuum gripper that can handle payloads up to 20 kg (44.09 lbs), and compatible with all leading robot brands. The new gripper supports applications that range from cosmetics, electronics, to pharmaceuticals and food and beverage, among others.


ABB Cobots400x275ABB has expanded its collaborative robot (cobot) portfolio by introducing the GoFa and SWIFTI families, which offer higher payloads and speeds. The new cobots will complement the company’s YuMI and Single Arm YuMi cobots, the company said. Both new cobots are available now through ABB’s distribution channels.

ElementaryAICam400x275Elementary Robotics, which develops artificial intelligence vision systems, has announced a new AI camera system for cloud-based inspection tasks. The new system combines software, deep learning AI and camera systems to make it faster and easier for manufacturers to deliver top-quality products to their customers, the company said.

FutureAcres Carry400x275A new startup called Future Acres announced it has launched to bring sustainable agricultural robotics to the farming industry in order to optimize workforce efficiency and safety. The company also announced raising $3 million in seed capital via equity crowdfunding site SeedInvest.

Pudu CatRobot400x275China-based Pudu Robotics has deployed its BellaBot to Sushi Island, a restaurant in Canada, to assist the restaurant’s waiting staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. The robot autonomously delivers food items to tables, helping to reduce human contact between diners and restaurant staff.

Badger UVDisinfect400x275Badger Technologies has announced its Badger UV Disinfect robot, an autonomous ultraviolet disinfecting robot designed to combat COVID-19 and high-risk pathogens commonly found in grocery, food-service and retail environments. The robot is equipped with advanced UV-C technology developed by UltraViolet Devices (UVDI), a provider of air and surface disinfection solutions.

ABB automotive 400x275For the first time on record, yearly orders of robots from non-automotive sectors surpassed automotive robot orders in North America, according to the Robotics Industries Association. In addition, fourth-quarter sales saw a surge in robotics sales, up more than 63% compared with the same quarter in 2019.

SICK DB601 W 400x275SICK announced a new product, the DBS601-W, an IP69K incremental encoder with added ingress protection due to a new, patented deflector shield. The stainless steel housing provides higher resistance to environmental influences, providing for applications that require high protection against aggressive media and cleaning agents, the company said.

Starship 1MillionDeliveries400x275Starship Technologies, which develops autonomous mobile robots for last-mile delivery of packages and food, announced it has completed 1 million autonomous deliveries, as well as raising an additional $17 million in funding.

Omron i4H SCARAOmron today announced its latest industrial robot, the i4H SCARA robot series, which will allow manufacturers to produce high mixes of products at low volume to offer a wider variety of goods. The i4H SCARA series follows the recent release of its i4L light-duty SCARA robot.

igus wet robotU.K.-based igus announced it has designed a low-cost automation system that is water-resistant. The robolink  IP44 is made to withstand rain, showers, and moisture, the Northhampton plastics developer announced today.


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