November 1, 2022

PicnicAutoKitchen400x275Picnic Works, a Seattle-based developer of kitchen automation technology, has announced a partnership with ContekPro, which develops modular kitchens. The partnership will create factory-built pizza kitchens for commercial foodservice providers that feature faster deployments, hassle-free launches and more cost-efficient equipment.

The solution aims to provide customers a turnkey solution to deploy and install a professional and custom pizza kitchen. The factory-assembled kitchen uses the latest in energy-saving modular construction techniques, and allows operators to customize options based on their needs. ContekPro said it will manufacture kitchens with an integrated Picnic Pizza Station that uses robotic automation to assemble up to 100 pizzas per hour with just one member of the kitchen’s staff. The two companies said this allows foodservice operators to build kitchens quickly to save time, money, and labor.

“Kitchen innovation can help increase profits, reduce waste and operating costs, and improve guest satisfaction,” said Scott Erickson, CMO of Picnic.” “Picnic and ContekPro share a vision of innovating for the future of foodservice. Combining the quickly built modular kitchens with the Picnic Pizza Station, a new restaurant can be opened 50% faster than before. This means ghost kitchens, sports and event venues, and QSRs [quick-service restaurants] can be up and running in record time and saving money from day one.”

"ContekPro provides an alternative to traditional brick and mortar kitchens,” said Reda Attahri, co-founder of ContekPro. “The foodservice industry is changing, customer demands are evolving, and we entered a new construction era after the pandemic. The partnership with Picnic is a way to offer ready-to-use, end-to-end, high quality pizza concepts to ghost kitchens, stadiums, QSRs, amusement centers, or any location where speed to market, scalability, and profitability are important."

The Picnic Pizza Station assembles pizzas autonomously and is customizable for each order – after a cook loads the dough, the Picnic Station applies sauce, cheese, fresh-cut pepperoni, and additional toppings. Finished pizzas can then move into the kitchen's ovens for cooking. Each hour, the Picnic station can assemble up to 100 pizzas with 80% less food waste than traditional makelines, the company said. Customers of the Picnic Pizza Station include managed foodservice providers Compass, Chartwells, and Sodexo Live!, Domino's Pizza Enterprises, Texas A&M University, The Ohio State University, SeaWorld, and numerous regional pizzerias with new customers coming online weekly, Picnic said.

For more details on the Picnic pizza station, visit its website here.