September 27, 2022

OttonomyRomeAirport400x275Ottonomy.IO has announced the launch of its Ottobot 2.0 at pier A of Terminal 1 at the Aeroporti di Roma (ADR) in Rome, Italy. The autonomous delivery project is part of ADR’s long-term strategy to maintain the highest levels of service and enhance passengers’ experience through the use of cutting-edge technology and innovation.

“We chose automation as one of our topics for our first call for ideas because we truly believe in enhancing passenger experience with a continuous improvement approach that has led FCO in its path of quality excellence and innovation since 2016," said Emanuele Cala, vice president of innovation and quality at ADR.

Rome International Airport has partnered with Plug & Play Tech Center, LVenture Group and PWC in the development of "Runway to the future," a program set in ADR Innovation Hub, which is the first industrial incubator inside an airport.

Ottonomy is one of 10 startups selected to take part in the Hub's acceleration program, "Runway to the Future," and has been chosen for the cutting-edge innovation it brings to the market with their proprietary indoor and outdoor autonomous robot, the company said. Air passengers can scan a QR code to purchase food, beverages and retail items at the airport and get them delivered right up to the gate in a digital and completely frictionless experience.

"We are actively working with global organizations to implement our autonomous robots, this allows them to become more sustainable," said Ritukar Vijay, CEO of Ottonomy.IO. "We are seeing growing interest in our technology in a variety of industries including travel, retail and hospitality. The launch of Ottobot 2.0 for ADR's acceleration program is another milestone in the adoption of autonomous robots and how they fit into our daily lives."

Ottonomy first introduced "Ottobot" at CVG International Airport in Cincinnati in 2021, enabling air passengers to make purchases of food items and get them delivered straight to their boarding gates from the robots. The newest generation Ottobot 2.0 is the first fully customizable and modular robot designed for increased access for customers and directional mobility. Ottobot can navigate completely autonomously through crowds and complicated environments using Ottonomy's proprietary navigation platform. The proprietary system is highly scalable and flexible and utilizes a comprehensive suite of tools to manage a fleet of robots deployed at a location.

For more details on the Ottonomy technology, visit its website here. To learn more about the ADR Innovation program, visit its website here.