September 8, 2022

BlendidJambaLoves400x275Blendid, which develops food automation systems through robotics, has announced a deployment of its Jamba by Blendid autonomous robotic kiosk at a Love’s Travel Stops store in California. Located at the rest area in Williams, Calif., just outside of Sacramento, the kiosk provides customers with smoothies on the go prepared by a robotic system.

“The official opening of our first Jamba by Blendid robotic kiosk is an exciting day for us and hopefully also for our guests,” said Joe Cotton, vice president of food services for Love’s. We hope customers visiting the Williams, California location enjoy this fun new way to quickly access refreshing, delicious smoothies on the go.” 

The kiosk combines smoothie options inspired by Jamba with the robotic solutions offered by Blendid. The system operates on Blendid’s contactless food automation platform foodOS, which combines machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence to provide customers with food options made on demand and customized to meet individual tastes.

“We began to notice that our guests were really interested in the robots, and created personas for them as they watched them make smoothies and yes, even dance,” said Danielle Fisher, vice president of marketing for Jamba. 

It was that observation that led to engaging with Gestalt Brand Lab, where they created the robot’s persona and built a distinct visual identity for the Jamba by Blendid kiosks. The robot  has a friendly and funny personality, and is also a mix master of smoothies. The robot now lives in an “uplifting and colorful setting< which includes a mural by artist Bongang, a street muralist who has often worked with the Jamba brand, Blendid said.

The self-kiosk will be open 24/7 for motorists, allowing them to customize smoothie orders by adjusting ingredient quantities, or adding boosts directly through the Blendid app. Ordering can be done on site or in advance to schedule a preferred pickup time.

“We are dedicated to meeting the rising demand for refreshing quick-serve options; our robotic kiosks give consumers, and now motorists, fast, customizable and delicious food choices,” said Vipin Jain, CEO and co-founder of Blendid. “We hope that our Jamba by Blendid kiosks set the standard for the future of food service at rest areas across the country.”

For more information on Blendid, visit its website here.

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