July 28, 2022

Bobacino400x275Bobacino, which is developing fully automated, small footprint boba shops, has announced a new research and development partnership with Boba Guys, a San Francisco-based chain of Boba cafes that offers milk tea drinks and snacks. The partnership aims to speed the development of Bobacino’s technology and explore future collaboration opportunities.

“Boba Guys believes that progress and innovation is often at the edges of technology, and we can think of no better partner to explore automation with than Bobacino,” said Bin Chen, co-founder of Boba Guys. “The tools and technology that Bobacino provides will create something entirely new and open up markets and opportunities for the whole boba industry.”

Through the partnership, Boba Guys will act as strategic advisors to Bobacino, with the goal of helping to shape the boba industry, as well as how cafes will look and function in future years.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Boba Guys, a brand with a strong commitment to quality – not only in its product, but also in its service,” said Darian Ahler, CEO at Bobacino. “As the boba market continues to quickly expand, we look forward to furthering the sector and making the boba experience even better than it is today.

Bobacino combines artificial intelligence, automation and robotics to automate the production of boba tea beverages for customers. The company is backed by Wavemaker Partners, Wavemaker Labs and Embark Ventures, but is also seeking investors through a crowdfunding campaign.

For more details on the company, visit the Bobacino website here.

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