February 2, 2022

Piab SOFTGRIP100 4 400x275Piab has announced the new and largest piSOFTGRIP 100-4, developed with food industry automation tasks, but also with the capability of handling odd-shaped machine parts or to remove injection molded parts.

The gripper has four gripping fingers and a vacuum cavity that allows it to hold objects up to 100 mm (3.93-inch) in width. Like other members of the piSOFTGRIP family, the gripper is made in one piece, which results in a simpler and robust product. Made with silicone approved for direct contact with food, the vacuum gripper can be used to automate the handling of all sorts of fresh, unpackaged and delicate food items without the risk of crushing it.

Piab said the vacuum tools are as simple to control and install as a suction cup, and do not require any specific programming. The vacuum level can be adjusted in order to ensure the right gripping force for gentle yet safe handling. In addition, the grippers can be integrated into automated procedures, where they can help secure the quality of products and increase overall productivity.

The new 100-4 model is the largest version in a series of grippers that include the three fingers, including the 50-3 and 30-3 for small fruit and pralines picking, as well as the two-finger version 50-2, which is aimed to grip small, sensitive oblong objects like waffle cones or fish cuts. Piab said the grippers in the piSOFTGRIP family can be integrated in applications that require multiple picks, or as a stand-alone tool.

More details on the 100-4 model can be found here.

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