August 17, 2021

PicnicPizza400x275Picnic, which designs food automation technology, has announced that it is accepting pre-orders from U.S. customers for its Picnic Pizza System, a modular and configurable pizza assembly system. The company also announced successful pilots and deployments with customers in the hospitality, entertainment, theme park, and restaurant industries, as well as a cost-effective robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) pricing structure.

The Picnic Pizza System monthly subscription pricing ranges between $3,500 to $5,000, depending on the configuration and production volumes needed. Picnic said it will manufacture and install existing customer orders through 2021 and new system orders will begin to ship in 2022.

The Picnic Pizza system helps companies save time, money, and labor through kitchen automation technology, the company said. It uses any restaurant’s existing menu and helps operators in making up to 100 pizzas per hour with consistent results. The pricing model includes free delivery and installation, requires minimal training, and is ideal for businesses of any size, from large corporations to individual-owned pizzerias. The company said that through the RaaS model, the system requires no upfront costs, includes free on-site maintenance checks, and is monitored 24/7 for maximum uptime.

“This is a huge milestone for Picnic, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce commercial availability,” said Clayton Wood, CEO of Picnic. “The team has been working tirelessly with customers and strategic partners over the past year to fine-tune the Picnic Pizza System. We’re very proud of the solution that we have created. The validation we’ve received from industry partners and customers reaffirms the need for kitchen automation solutions like ours, and we are looking forward to an excellent year ahead.”

The company recently announced that its Series A funding surpassed $20.5 million, enhancing its growth and commercial operations. For more details on the system, visit the Picnic website here.

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