June 22, 2021

MisoLancer400x275Miso Robotics, which is developing intelligent automation for the foodservice industry, has announced a partnership with beverage dispenser manufacturer Lancer Worldwide to build an intelligence-backed, automated beverage dispenser that brings enhanced functionality to future-focused commercial kitchens.

The new dispenser will integrate with point-of-sales systems and include a guided workflow for employees to ensure accurate order completion, synched with driver and customer arrival times. The machine will be able to automatically pour drinks and advance beverages to enable an easy grab-and-go format for staff. When an order comes in, the connected approach will allow the beverage dispenser to “know” the beverage needs with the order, and will automatically issue the appropriate sized cup, begin pouring, and seal the cup, Miso Robotics said. The entire process is timed to complete as close as possible with the meal and remainder of the order so it can be handed off to a customer or delivery driver.

The system is aimed at quick-service restaurant operators that are facing record labor shortages and implement solutions that drive a better and faster customer service experience. Miso said statistics showed that 60% to 70% of certain QSR sales come from the drive-through lane, which jumped as high as  90% during the pandemic. With fewer staff and higher demand, the company said the total average drive-through times have increased by 29.8 seconds.

Miso Robotics has been developing commercial kitchen automation through robotics-as-a-service and software-as-a-service, first with the development of Flippy, a grilling and fryer-based robot, and CookRight, its latest software for perfect timing on grills that don’t need a robot. The company said it and Lancer saw the need for beverage automation in the commercial kitchen – an area of order completion plagued with inefficiency as workers look to navigate compact, fast-paced kitchens and unpredictable order volume during shifts.

“Lancer has consistently supplied the market with dependable products for more than 50 years and there was no question when it came time to decide who to partner with to create an automated beverage dispenser,” said Jake Brewer, chief strategy officer at Miso Robotics. “Lancer has a legacy of stand-out industry quality and shares in our vision for beverage innovation and futuristic design. Order fulfillment is a major factor for customer satisfaction and operators can’t afford to have a beverage left behind when a delivery driver or customer visits. We are extremely excited to create a product that will not only make the lives of those working in commercial kitchens better, but will be a game-changer for the industry as a whole to deliver a world-class customer experience.”

Miso Robotics also announced the opening of its Series D funding raise. Its Series C funding round was accomplished with a crowdfunding effort, in which it raised more than $25 million. The Series D round kicks off with a valuation of $350 million, a $270 million increase since its $80 million Series C open. The company said investors looking to join this round can visit their funding website here.

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