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Skydio400x275U.S. drone manufacturer Skydio has announced it raised $170 million in Series D funding, bringing the total amount raised to more than $340 million (with a $1 billion valuation). The company said it will further accelerate product development and global sales expansion to support rapidly growing demand for its autonomous drone solutions.


SkySapience400x275COMSovereign Holding Corp., a U.S.-based developer of 4G LTE and advanced 5G communications systems, has announced the acquisition of Israel-based Sky Sapience, a developer of field tethered aerial rotorcraft platforms for defense, homeland security and commercial markets. The $12.7 million purchase price consists of $2.7 million in cash and 2.55 million shares of common stock.

Robotnik RB CAR 400x275Barcelona-based Robotnik has provided some additional details on updates to its RB-CAR, an all-terrain autonomous vehicle it has developed. The vehicle has been designed to carry heavy loads and people, with autonomous and collaborative features to help make tasks in transporting heavy loads more safe.

DTCCommunications400x275Wireless communications firm DTC has announced a Robust High Power (RH) variant of its NETNode Phase 5 IP Mesh Radio, which can provide high-capacity IP connectivity in challenging environments. The new offering includes built-in dual HD video encoders and Multi-In Multi-Out (MIMO) capability to deliver high data throughput and power output.

MilremTypeX RCV400x275Milrem Robotics, which develops robotics and autonomous systems for defense and military applications, announced it will exhibit its Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle for the first time at IDEX 2021.

ARM fellowship400x275The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute has announced its first fellowship program, seeking applicants to help advance the state of robotics in manufacturing. Applications are due on March 8, 2021, at 5 p.m. ET.


marching military stock400x275The U.K.’s Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) has launched a competition seeking innovative ideas from industry and academia that could provide efficiencies for military logistics. The scope of the competition is covering two areas of innovation: autonomy and automation, and additive manufacturing.

NeyaSystemsCombatVehicle400x275Neya Systems has announced contributing a new capability to the U.S. Army’s ROS-M registry, an RTK compatible off-road planning software suite. The Robotic Technology Kernel (RTK) is a ROS-based modular autonomy software library aimed at science and technology development that provides a set of common robotic capabilities across several platforms and efforts. AM3P, Neya’s Adaptive and Modular Multi-Terrain Mobility Planner, is a full-stack, off-road autonomy planning software suite developed to allow Department of Defense vehicles to navigate autonomously through congested, unpredictable environments.

Snakehead LDUUV 400x275As reported by in The War Zone, the new large-displacement unmanned underwater vehicle (LDUUV) Snakehead drones will be the largest carried out by U.S. nuclear submarines and will be deployed and recovered underwater. 

Details on who is building Snakehead are scant, but General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems has stated it is building the lithium-ion LiFT battery for the system. Initial Snakehead missions will include intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), and downstream the Snakehead will reportedly be capable of electronic warfare. 

Persistent Tomahawk 400x275Persistent Systems announced that Tomahawk Robotics has joined the Wave Relay Ecosystem, an industry alliance of unmanned system and sensor companies that use Persistent’s Wave Relay mobile ad hoc network (MANET) as a preferred network.

metawave evtol400x275The U.S. Air Force has awarded a prime, Phase One contract to Metawave Corp. to provide a high-precision, all-weather sensing solution for electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

Flir centaur roadside robot400x275Teledyne Technologies will acquire FLIR Systems, which develops sensors and other equipment for drones and robots in industrial and defense applications, in a cash-and-stock deal valued at about $8 billion.

Dive Boston400x275Dive Technologies, which is developing subsea robotics, today announced raising $4 million in a new round of equity funding, bringing its total funds raised to $9.5 million.

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