September 14, 2021

MilremTypeX 400x275Milrem Robotics has announced teaming up with Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace to develop a new robotic combat vehicle (RCV), named the Nordic Robotic Wingman. The Wingman will be based on Milrem’s Type-X RCV and Kongsberg’s Protector Remote Turrets (RT) that will be chosen specifically to meet the needs of end users.

“Milrem Robotics and Kongsberg have agreed to jointly continue the development of the Type-X RCV by integrating Kongsberg’s systems to address the requirements of many countries interest in this type of technology, especially the Nordics and Western Europe, but also the U.S.,” said Sverker Svärdby, managing director of Milrem Robotics Sweden. “Combining our knowledge of robotic combat vehicles and Kongsberg’s wide range of systems and extensive expertise in defense systems development, we are capable of providing world-class systems based on customer needs.”

The Type-X provides equal or overmatching firepower and tactical usage to a unit equipped with infrantry fighting vehicles, and gives mechanized units the means to breach enemy defensive positions with minimal risk to their own troops. It can be fitted with a cannon up to 50 mm, anti-tank missiles and a tethered drone for continuous situational awareness.

The vehicle is also equipped with intelligent functions such as follow-me, waypoint navigation and obstacle detection, with artificial intelligence as part of the algorithms. With the Type-X, Milrem also introduced a feature called Indirect Drive, which allows remote controlled operations on higher speeds. 

“Kongsberg has a family of unmanned Protector Remote Weapon Systems, ranging from the smallest RS2 Remote Weapon Station to the true infantry fighting vehicle turret RT60 with anti-tank guided missile capability,” said Arne Gjennestad, vice president of marketing and sales at Kongsberg. “The systems have a common software baseline, are easy to integrate and provide proven capabilities for the warfighter. Kongsberg’s solution provides the operator with situational awareness and a safe and secure network-based fire control that is fielded with the Norwegian Army and in delivery to the U.S. Army’s Robotic Combat Vehicle program.”

For more details on Kongsberg’s defense-related offerings, visit its website here. For more details on Milrem Robotics, visit this website.