September 13, 2021

MilremRoboticsCUAV 400x275MSI-Defence Systems Limited (MSI-DSL), which develops leading-edge weapon and underwater systems, has teamed up with European robotics and autonomous systems developer Milrem Robotics to present a highly mobile, kinetic counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (C-UAV) system.

Utilizing Milrem’s THeMIS unmanned ground vehicles, integrated with MSI-DSL’s Remote Weapon Systems and electrical optical sensor systems, the companies are offering a step change in countering mini-UAV, loitering munitions, or other small difficult-to-detect airborne targets. The system can carry payloads from 7.62 to 30 mm, including the Northrop Grumman M230 cannon and Thales LMM missiles. It can find and engage larger air threats as well as ground targets, even if armored, the companies said. 

“MSI-DSL and Milrem are committed to providing ‘cutting edge’ capabilities to the operator providing a highly deployable system with unique lethality and survivability,” said Russell Gregory, head of strategy, industrial relations and market development at MSI-DSL. “The autonomous nature of the system enables the operator to sense, identify, decide and effect over a wide area without placing the operator in areas of undue risk.”

“In recent conflicts there has been an increase in the usage of drones and loitering munition against various military targets,” said Captain (res) Juri Pajuste, defence research and development director at Milrem Robotics. “The employment of this type of equipment has made low-level conflicts more lethal. Utilizing unmanned ground systems with intelligent functions to counter these new threats helps increase force protection, provide flexibility to tactical units to engage aerial and/or land targets, and ultimately reduce loss of life.”

The companies said the unmanned C-UAS platforms can provide highly effective protection for both tactical and static sites for deployed assets and critical infrastructure. The system is being exhibited at the DSEI 2021 show in London, Sept. 13-14.

For more details on Milrem Robotics, visit its website here. For additional information about MSI-DSL, visit its website here.

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