March 19, 2021

PeratonAndrosSpartan400x275Peraton Remotec, a new subsidiary launched by Peraton, has introduced its Andros Spartan Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) System, designed for military, defense and security missions. The platform is based on the previous Andros F6 series of platforms, with updated features to improve its lift reach and user interface improvements. 

Remotec, now branded as Peraton Remotec, was acquired through the recent purchase of Northrop Grumman’s integrated mission support and IT solutions business, the company said. Peraton Remotec offers a wide range of UGVs and accessories and boasts a worldwide base of more than 2,300 vehicles.

“Peraton Remotec’s industry-leading track record in unmanned ground vehicles complements Peraton’s 25 years of experience serving government customers operating in the unmanned surface, underwater and ground domains,” said John Coleman, president of the global defense and security sector.  “We look forward to building on the synergies to meet future unmanned system needs while continuing to innovate on behalf of our loyal customers in the military, law enforcement and the broader first responder community.”

The Andros Spartan system was based on the Andros F6 series of platforms. It incorporates the chassis design of the Andros F6, and adopts the highly dexterous manipulation capabilities of the Andros FX. The new arm design allows more lift capacity and greater dexterity by adding a roll joining that provides eight degrees of freedom, the company said.

Additional features unique to the new platform include:

  • Updated power management, which provides more than 6 hours of vehicle run time.
  • Updated system electronics
  • A ruggedized touchscreen laptop operator control unit, with 3D system graphics
  • Advanced manipulator controls
  • Improved user interface

The company said the Andros Spartan operating system gives expanded information to an operator, while easing user workload through increased interactivity with intelligent payloads. Preset arm positions and the ability to “fly the gripper” aim to make object manipulation easier, faster and more accurate.

“The Andros Spartan offers new enhanced capabilities to serve a diverse range of mission sets. Spartan is more than an evolution of the Andros F6 series of platforms,” said Walt Werner, managing director at Peraton Remotec. “By integrating the best features of each of Peraton Remotec’s families of field-proven [explosive ordnance disposal] robots, Spartan revolutionizes the midweight market offering unparalleled functionality to protect our nation and keep danger at a distance.”

Pricing is now available and Peraton Remotec is accepting orders for the Andros Sparten at or (865) 269-1244.

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