Defense / Military

NearEarth Copter400x275Kaman Corporation has announced an investment of $10 million in Pittsburgh-based Near Earth Autonomy for a minority interest in the outstanding equity of the company and a seat on its board of directors. The funding will allow Near Earth to accelerate its technology to establish an industry standard in autonomous solutions for the next generation of aviation. Kaman said the partnership also leverages its core competency in precision parts manufacturing as the preferred manufacturer of autonomous parts and components for Near Earth.


Kobra725 400x275Teledyne FLIR Defense has announced the launch of its Kobra 725 modular robot, a tracked multi-mission platform that includes new features and technology upgrades to the Kobra 710 unmanned ground system.


GhostRoboticsVision60 400x275At the recent Xponential 2022 event in Orlando, Robotics-World spoke with Ghost Robotics' Michael Subhan to learn more about its Vision 60 Q-UGV quadruped robot.


MARTAC T38 DevilRay400x275One of the more interesting technologies that we saw at this year’s Xponential 2022 in Orlando was the MARTAC T38, a 38-foot autonomous boat that can cruise the waters at up to 80 knots, and make tight, high-velocity turns in the water.


RISE Jammer TACFI 400x275RISE Robotics has announced it received a $1.7 million Tactical Funding Increase (TACFI) by AFVentures to modernize U.S. Air Force Ground Support Equipment. This includes zero-emission machines through its fluid-free, electromechanical alternative to hydraulic cylinders.


Aergility VTOL aircraft at Xponential 2022 setup daySetup day at Xponential 2022 was a bustling day of booth building accented by many old hands in the robotics industry working with setup crews and saying hello to professional friends passing by. 


Spot robot 400x275Teledyne FLIR Defense, a division of Teledyne Technologies, has announced it teamed with MFE Inspection Solutions to integrate the FLIR MUVE C360 multi-gas detector on Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot, as well as commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS). The integrated solutions aim to enable remote monitoring of chemical threats in industrial and public safety applications.


CognataSimulation400x275Cognata has announced the integration of its simulation authoring software into Israel Defense Force’s technology to help further accelerate algorithm safety and readiness. The simulation and testing platform is designed for autonomous vehicles (AV) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to help with vehicle perception training and challenges presented by unfamiliar terrain environments.


MilremTerraHawk400x275A joint venture between MSI-Defence Systems Limited (MSI-DSL) and Milrem Robotics has produced a new unmanned, kinetic counter-unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS) platform. The two companies showed the new system at the World Defense Show in Saudi Arabia.


DexaiChef400x275Dexai Robotics, which develops intelligent robotics solutions for commercial kitchens, has announced it signed a $1.6 million contract with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to automate food services in multiple military installations around the U.S. Dexai will supply 10 of its “Alfred” sous-chef systems – an automated food preparation robot that improves production and quality of operations, reduces food waste and lowers risks of viral and microbial transmissions.


TeledyneFLIRPackbot400x275Curtiss-Wright has announced an agreement with Teledyne FLIR Defense to supply unmanned systems and integrated solutions to the U.S. nuclear power market and Department of Energy. Systems will include mobile unmanned systems (MUS) such as drones, robots, and submersibles, which play a critical role in industrial and defense applications by automating operations and eliminating the need for humans to perform tasks in hazardous conditions.


SilentArrowDeploy400x275Silent Arrow, which develops autonomous cargo drones, has announced that the air force of a U.S. allied government in the Middle East conducted the first overseas deployment of the Silent Arrow GD-2000 cargo delivery drone, under a $1.5 million operational evaluation contract. In the operation, 1,026 lbs (465 kg) of an undisclosed cargo was secured inside two GD-2000s, bringing the vehicle weight of each aircraft to 1,520 lbs (689 kg), which is below the certified maximum gross of 2,000 lbs (907 kg).


ElroyAirChaparral400x275Elroy Air, which is developing an end-to-end autonomous vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aerial cargo system, has unveiled its pre-production Chaparral aircraft. The Chaparral can autonomously pick up 300 to 500 pounds of cargo and deliver it by air up to 300 miles, pushing beyond the limits of delivery drones and the airport infrastructure needed for piloted air cargo operations, the company said. The system is designed for commercial, humanitarian and defense logistics processes.


SkySafe MM2 System400x275SkySafe has announced it raised $30 million in a Series B investment to help further accelerate the company’s growth to expand production of its airspace security system for commercial adoption. The investment was led by Kingfisher Investment Advisors, with participation from new investors Gaingels and Castor Ventures. The company said it has raised $45 million in total financing.


DeDrone Preakness400x275Counter-drone systems maker Dedrone has announced closing a $30.5 million Series C financing round, led by Axon. The company said the funding comes on the heels of a strong year of growth, with more than 1,000 sensors sold, and a system that can now detect, identify, and locate more than 200 different drone types.


Liteye Spyglass400x275Liteye Systems, which develops counter-drone systems, has announced that the U.S. Army will be the first customer of its Spyglass 3D Radar as part of a multi-mission, multi-domain defense solution. Liteye said the Spyglass 3D Radar is designed and manufactured by Numerica Corporation, based in Fort Collins. The company also said production orders are now being accepted, with delivery beginning in Q2 2022, with the U.S. military taking priority deliveries.