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AeroVironmentSwitchblade300 400x275AeroVironment, which develops multi-domain robotic systems, has announced it received a $20.6 million firm-fixed-price contract in August from the U.S. Army Tactical Aviation and Ground Munitions (TAGM) project office. The contract is for the procurement of Switchblade 300 tactical missile systems, a back-packable and rapidly deployable-from-ground system designed to engage beyond-line-of-sight targets.


AerobotixFerro400x275Aerobotix and FerRobotics have announced a partnership to create the first Class II, Division 1 (C2D1) end of arm tool (EAOT) automated sander. Meeting a demand for a hazardous-environment solution that achieves time and cost efficiencies along with enabling safer work environments, the special orbital sander lessens human involvement in hazardous tasks.


AeroVironmentVapor400x275AeroVironment has announced the launch of its next-generation VAPOR Helicopter unmanned aircraft system (UAS), the VAPOR 55 MX. With a completely redesigned modular autonomy framework, the VAPOR 55 MX enables increased endurance and expanded payload capacity to meet current and emerging needs of defense, commercial and industrial customers.


HumansInMotion400x275Canada’s Human in Motion Robotics, Inc., (HMR) has announced it was awarded a $499,828 ($663,000 Canadian) contract by Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) for the Department of National Defence Canada (DND). The contract allows the Canadian government to purchase two units of HMR’s next-generation lower-limb exoskeleton, XoMotion, a wearable robot designed to get people out of wheelchairs and walking again with full mobility and independence.


AerobotixInlet400x275Aerobotix, an AS9100-certified FANUC robotics integrator, has announced it supported the 40th restoration of air inlet ducts on F-22 Raptor aircraft, as part of a maintenance contract with the U.S. Air Force. The company’s automated painting system gets aircraft back in the sky 80% faster, and has saved the Air Force $8.8 million since 2016.


AeroVironmentMantis400x275AeroVironment has announced its Mantis i23 D, a multi-sensor daytime imaging payload that is compatible with the Raven B small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS). The Mantis i23 D is an enhanced daylight variant of its predecessor, the Mantis i23, and uses the same modular interface to allow for quick and simple swapping between payloads with no software updates required to avionics or ground control systems.


KEFRobotics TE UAS400x275KEF Robotics, which develops visual autonomy systems for aircraft, has announced it was awarded a 12-month, $1.5 million Phase 2 SBIR award from the Army Applications Lab. The contract will fund KEF to develop advanced computer vision algorithms to fly tethered autonomous drones through an urban environment in day or night conditions. The company said the award will speed its ambition to provide vision-based autonomous flight to any aircraft, even in GPS-denied environments.


AeroVironmentJUMP 400x275AeroVironment has announced it received an Other Transaction Agreement award from the U.S. Army for Increment 1 of the Future Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (FTUAS). The contract includes the purchase, testing and delivery of one JUMP 20 medium unmanned aircraft system (MUAS) to a selected Army Brigade Combat Team (BCT) and associated services, training and support.


AeroVironmentPlanck400x275AeroVironment, which develops intelligent, multi-domain robotic systems, has announced it acquired Planck Aerosystems, which develops advanced unmanned aircraft navigation solutions. The acquisition aims to accelerate AeroVironment's development of advanced autonomy capabilities, the company said. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.


Defender 400x275VideoRay LLC, which develops remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for underwater tasks, has announced that the U.S. Navy has placed a large and diverse order for its Defender ROVs. The Navy is standardizing on VideoRay Defender Mission Specialist systems due to its capabilities, flexibility and upgradability of several systems deployed since 2019, the company said. Customer support for the Navy includes training facilities and staff on the East Coast in Pottstown, Pa., and on the West Coast in San Diego.


Detect TRUE3D 400x275DeTect Inc., which develops fully integrated radar and advanced remote sensing technologies, has announced the introduction of a dual-function bird and drone radar operational system for U.S. military installations – the MERLIN BDR-DDR. Developed in 2003 for real-time, tactical operational birdstrike avoidance, the MERLIN system now has TRUE3D technology for simultaneous bird and drone detecting capabilities.


DEEPJueying X20 400x275China-based DEEP Robotics, which is developing quadruped robots, has announced the release of the Jueying X20 hazard detection and rescue robot dog. The Jueying X20 is designed for detection and rescue services on the complex terrain of a post-earthquake landscape, the insides of vulnerable debris buildings, tunnel traffic accidents, as well as in toxic, hypoxia, and high-density smoke environments created by chemical pollution or a natural disaster event.


FortemDroneHunterF700 400x275Fortem Technologies, which develops airspace security systems to detect and defeat dangerous drones, has announced it will provide counter-drone solutions for the Qatari Ministry of Interior and Safety and Security Operations (SSOC) for this year's FIFA World Cup.


MerlinLabs 400x275Merlin Labs, which develops autonomous flight technology for fixed-wing aircraft, has announced it raised $105 million in Series B funding. The new funding brings its total raised to $130 million to date. The company also announced a partnership with the U.S. Air Force to bring autonomy to the C-130J Super Hercules transport aircraft, the most-used cargo platform in the fleet.


Dedrone400x275Dedrone, which develops smart airspace security systems, has announced raising $30 million in an oversubscribed Series C-1 funding round, led by Axon. The company develops command-and-control solutions for counter-uncrewed aircraft systems (C-UAS), and said it will use the funding to continue to grow its team globally, including a second office in California, while also expanding its multi-sensor fusion system.


MARTAC Demo400x275With an overarching theme of “Remote and Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence” (RAS-AI), Autonomous Warrior is the largest unmanned systems Operational Experimentation (OPEX) event conducted in Australia.  As reported by, Autonomous Warrior 22 (AW22) was a recent Australian Navy-led OPEX activity held 16-27 May in the vicinity of Jervis Bay and from several remote sites in Australia and overseas.


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