Construction / Demolition

CleoDronutX1 400x275Cleo Robotics, which has developed a stable and highly maneuverable ducted bi-rotor drone, has announced the availability of the Dronut X1, aimed at law enforcement, industrial inspection, construction and defense use cases. The company’s patented thrust vectoring technology has made the hyper-efficient ducted fan design stable in flight. The Dronut’s completely enclosed propellers enable the X1 to safely bounce off objects and people, and is a fraction of the size of similarly featured drones.


HondaWorkVehicle400x275Honda and Black & Veatch have announced a successful test of the prototype Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle (AWV) at a Black & Veatch construction site in New Mexico. During the month-long field test, the second-generation of the fully electric Honda AWV was able to perform several tasks at a large-scale solar energy construction project, including towing activities and transporting construction materials, water, and other supplies to pre-set destinations within the work site.


VolvoLego400x275Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has announced a fully autonomous, battery-electric prototype vehicle inspired by a concept devised by LEGO Technic and Volvo engineers and designers. The LX03 is a real-world example of a self-learning concept wheel loader with the brains to make decisions, perform tasks, and interact with humans. 



TrimbleSpotPackage400x275Trimble has announced the release of its Trimble X7 3D laser scanner and Trimble FieldLink Software, which fully integrates with Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot. The exclusive turnkey solution from Trimble, jointly developed with Boston Dynamics, creates autonomous operation on construction sites, taking advantage of Spot’s unique capabilities to navigate challenging, dynamic and potentially unsafe environments. The 3D data capture technology enables a continuous flow of information between the field and office for consistent, on-going documentation of job site progress.


SenseraSystems400x275Sensera Systems, which develops all-in-one compact-solar site cameras, has announced the release of its third-generation camera models. The new models represent seven years of refinement and lessons learned from customers across thousands of job sites, and incorporate advancements to lower pricing, increase reliability, and improve performance and ease of use.


NexteraGilbert DidgeRobot400x275Nextera Robotics and Gilbane Building Company have announced a joint-venture partnership to develop an artificial intelligence platform that utilizes a fleet of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to track construction progress and provide safety monitoring at job sites.


AMP Recyco 400x275AMP Robotics, which develops robotics and artificial intelligence for the waste and recycling industry, has announced the installation of its first AI-guided robotics systems in the U.K. and Ireland with Recyco, a recycling and waste management business in Northern Ireland.


OKIBO 400x275BuiltUp Ventures, an investor in early-stage Israli technology companies, has announced it made a significant financial commitment to OKIBO, which is developing construction robots to address key challenges in the construction sector.


HiltiCoreDrill400x275Hilti North America, which develops tools, technology and software for the commercial construction industry, has announced a semi-autonomous core drilling solution. The DD 250-CA diamond core drill, paired with the Cut Assist Auto Feed unit, gives operators an assisted experience by intuitively guiding the drill through the entire drilling process. With a semi-autonomous drilling system, contractors can achieve significant productivity gains and convenience on jobsites, Hilti said.


ICON founders400x275ICON, which develops advanced construction technologies including robotics, software, and building materials, has announced completing a $207 million Series B funding round. The latest round brings ICON’s total funding to $266 since launching in 2018.


C LinkFarmYard400x275C-Link Systems has announced two new unmanned ground vehicles, designed for industrial applications. The Bauernhof Panzer (Farm Yard Tank) is designed for work on horse farms or stables, while the OmniPanzer is an autonomous robotic vehicle with a chassis that can be equipped with several attachments or payloads.


SmartDroneDiscovery400x275SmartDrone, which makes small industrial drones for surveying, civil engineering, and earthwork, has announced it will showcase its new Discovery Drone at the AUVSI Xponential show in Atlanta. The Discovery Drone is a fully automated, aerial data collection platform featuring high-resolution Ouster digital lidar designed to augment traditional earth measuring.


DEEPRobotics400x275DEEP Robotics, which develops intelligent quadruped robotics, has announced the launch of its newly developed robot dog. The Jueying X20 is waterproof (IP66 rated), and can operate in adverse weather conditions.


SarcosGuardianDX SenSuit400x275Sarcos Robotics and T-Mobile have announced a collaboration to integrate T-Mobile 5G connectivity into the Sarcos Guardian XT mobile industrial robot. The Guardian XT is a remote-controlled robotic system designed to help humans safely work in hazardous conditions, performing tasks such as lifting heavy materials or using power tools at significant heights. With the 5G integration, the companies said they aim to improve performance and response time for remote operations, allowing robots to perform tasks more quickly and more in tune with their operator’s movements.


Cansel TinySurveyor400x275Cansel, a software, hardware and service provider, has announced an agreement with Denmark-based TinyMobileRobots to distribute the TInySurveyor robot in Canada. The GPS-guided mobile robot assists in surveying, civil engineering, construction and utility industry processes.


SarcosTreeDemo400x275Sarcos Robotics, which develops robotic systems that augment humans for productivity and safety tasks, has announced a successful demonstration of its SenSuit controller garment. As part of its technologies designed for enhanced teleoperation of the Guardian XT mobile robotic system, the demonstration leveraged Sarcos’ proprietary motion caption controller to enable enhanced teleoperation of the robot’s dexterous arms.