September 19, 2022

ICE Cobotics T Mobile400x275T-Mobile has announced that ICE Cobotics, a developer of cleaning technologies and equipment, has chosen the T IoT connectivity solution to help their customers more easily manage fleets of floor-cleaning robots.

As part of the long-term agreement, T IoT – a solution for global IoT connectivity, platform management and support – will deliver cellular connectivity to more than 7,500 new and existing ICE Cobotics autonomous cleaning units around the world. This includes the company’s newest product, Cobit 18, a compact autonomous floor scrubber that is designed to clean 5,000 to 7,000 square feet per our (at less than $20 per day).

ICE Cobotics said it chose T IoT to simplify the delivery and execution of IoT solutions on a global scale, which bolsters its mission to streamline processes for its customers. Last year, the company launched its all-inclusive subscription service for floor-cleaning machines, parts and maintenance, and performance and monitoring software. The service gives customers a more reliable, affordable and cost-predictive solution, allowing them to use capital to expand their business versus having it tied up in equipment ownership, ICE Cobotics said.

T-Mobile said T IoT supports ICE Cobotics’ subscription model by delivering cleaning performance data and insights to customers in the retail, grocery, convenience, healthcare, higher education, and hospitality industries. The cellular connectivity allows a customer’s maintenance and facilities team to view their Clean Score — goal-based cleaning performance data generated by ICE Cobotics’ i-SYNERGY fleet management software. This takes the guesswork out of tracking cleaning efficacy, developing efficiencies, and confirming each location is clean. Previously, customers would have had to visit each store to inspect if cleaning happened, which takes time and money.

Additionally, T IoT reinforces ICE Cobotics’ commitment to eliminate downtime by delivering over-the-air software and firmware updates to its customers, as well as mechanical telemetry data, from sensors and cameras in each machine, back to the company. This gives them the ability to monitor and analyze critical information like hours of use, routes, temperature, and battery life — so they can determine if certain components of a machine are operating within tolerance, if service is required and if a part is near its end of life — to prevent problems before they happen.

“T IoT is critical to the success of our cleaning machines and our all-inclusive subscription service,” said Mike DeBoer, President, ICE Cobotics U.S. “The data we receive from our autonomous scrubbers allows us to deliver cleaning performance insights and an enhanced clean to our customers at an affordable price.”

“This is what T IoT was designed for — helping enterprises solve global IoT challenges and deliver innovative solutions that make their customers want more,” said Callie Field, president of T-Mobile Business Group. “Like ICE Cobotics, T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom share a passion for the pursuit of simple, and we salute their ongoing mission to make things easier for their customers.”

For more information on ICE Cobotics, visit its website here. For details on the T IoT offering, visit this T-Mobile website.

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