January 12, 2022

Brain airport400x275Brain Corp, which develops artificial intelligence software for robotics, has announced the launch of BrainOS Mobile, a mobile application that connects operators and managers directly with their BrainOS-powered robot fleets. The company said the app provides real-time visibility on machine locations, status and performance.

Currently available for iOS devices (with Android coming soon), the app supports all of Brain’s Brain-OS-powered floor care machines across manufacturers, and will soon also support applications. The feature set includes data on the following:

  • Machine information – gives managers and operators up-to-date information about their machine(s), such as current status and available software updates.
  • BrainOSMobile ActivityRun300pxMachine performance – shows data and trends over time to allow users to make decisions and optimize performance.
  • Machine notifications – delivers real-time notifications directly to an operator’s mobile device of events such as the completion of a cleaning route, or when the machine requires assistance.
  • Learning center - gives users a host of materials to ensure that operators can access training materials for utilizing their BrainOS-enabled equipment.

“Our BrainOS Mobile app represents an exciting new step in our company’s goal to make working with advanced robotics incredibly simple and to provide critical insights to our customers,” said Josh Baylin, vice president of product and marketing at Brain. “We’re now able to provide operators a more seamless way to interact with their robotic teammates and for managers to oversee their automated operations from almost anywhere, which leads to better operational experience and performance.”

Brain said the mobile app will also enable future experiences that allow for higher levels of interactions between managers, associates, and physical environments. For example, Virtual Tours is a new application currently being piloted that lets managers virtually visit and interact with their facilities directly from the mobile app.

The BrainOS Mobile app joins the company’s other fleet management tools enabled by BrainOS Autonomy Services, which includes the Fleet Ops Portal and daily/weekly email reports. Brain said these systems help showcase proof-of-work and performance metrics to drive even greater efficiencies.

For more information on Brain and its offerings, visit its website here.