January 6, 2022

BrainTennantInventory400x275Brain Corp and Tennant Company have announced the launch of Inventory Scan, a new data capture accessory that can be fitted onto its autonomous floor scrubbers to autonomously scan and report key details of in-store inventory. The companies said they will demonstrate the technology at the NRF 2022 show in New York, January 16-18.

“By adding Inventory Scan to new or existing robotic scrubber fleets, retailers are immediately able to access critical in-store inventory data in near real-time,” said Dave Ross, vice president of business development at Brain Corp. “Knowing where an item is, if it’s in stock, if it’s in the correct location, if the price is accurate, and more allows managers to operate stores with a new level of efficiency while providing optimal shopping experiences for their customers.”

Utilizing a multi-purpose design, the new scanning accessory is fitted to Tennant’s line of autonomous floor scrubbers, which are powered by Brain’s BrainOS operating system. Once installed, the cloud-connected Inventory Scan tower can capture data as it moves autonomously around the store. Reports are delivered to store managers that provide insights, including: verification of pricing accuracy, planogram compliance, product stock levels and product localization. Brain said each function negates the need for time-consuming and potentially inaccurate manual processes, which often lead to lost revenue opportunities, waste and not enough attention given to shoppers.

“This new product marks the beginning of realizing the next phase in our company’s vision,” said Eugene Izhikevich, CEO of Brain Corp. “We are actively taking BrainOS-powered robots from primarily task-oriented machines to in-store data acquisition platforms. This delivers critical insights and adds significant ROI for retailers.”

The company plans to discuss the Inventory Scan during an on-stage session at NRF, along with Southeastern Grocers’ President & CEO, Anthony Hucker, on Jan. 18.

For more details on Brain Corp, visit its website here.