UVDRobot Supermarket400x275Denmark’s UVD Robots has announced a global partnership agreement with OCC Commercial Consulting to help bring its UV-C disinfection robots to supermarkets, food service and retail environments. The company also announced receiving a second order of 100 robots from the European Commission, following a 200-robot order in November 2020.


SkylineRobotics Ozmo400x275Skyline Robotics has announced it has secured $6 million in funding to expand and deploy its Ozmo window-cleaning robots in North America. The company also announced the appointment of Michael Brown as CEO and chairman of the board, and Ross Blum as the company’s chief operating officer.


Avidbots Neo 400x275Avidbots, which develops autonomous floor-scrubbing robots, has announced the launch of its Disinfection Add-On, expanding the functionality of its robot, Neo. With the add-on, customers can autonomously disinfect high-touch, 3D surfaces with Neo 2 in addition to floor care.


Keenon400x275China’s Keenon Robotics Co., which develops service robots for both delivery and disinfection purposes, has announced raising $200 million in Series D funding. The company said this round is the largest round of funding in the service robot field. The funding round was led by Softbank Vision Fund 2, followed by CICC Alpha and Prosperity7 Ventures (the diversified growth fund of Aramco Ventures).


Eufy RoboVacX80 400x275Eufy, a smart home brand by Anker Innovations, has announced a new generation of robotic vacuum, the RoboVac X8 and X8 Hybrid. The hybrid model features mopping and vacuuming functions within the same unit.


ADIBOT Attleboro400x275Attleboro, Mass., Public Schools have announced they are deploying sanitation robots to help eliminate the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. The school system is deploying the ADIBOT disinfection system from robotics firm UBTECH to assist with the school district’s sanitation efforts, which resulted in negligible in-district transmission among students, teachers, and staff during the 2020-21 school year.


TasGlobalHullRobot400x275South Korea’s Tas Global has announced the commercialization of a hull cleaning robot that can clean a ship’s surface above and under the water line. Attaching strongly and softly on a ship, the robot can clean while moving freely on curved surfaces. It includes various sensors and eight cameras facing all directions. While the robot weighs 200 kg, it can move smoothly by maintaining a positive buoyancy. An in-house developed portable filtration system, connected to the robot, can clean microorganisms and microparticles in three stages.


Xenex Elbert400x275Elbert Memorial Hospital in Elberton, Ga., has announced it has deployed two Xenex LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robots to help stop the spread of germs, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.


IFR ABB Bluebotics400x275The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) has announced that unit sales of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in the logistics sector will increase by 31% between 2020 and 2023 annually. In addition, the use of AMRs in public environments will also rise rapidly – almost 40% per year worldwide – as well as professional cleaning robots (41% combined annual growth rate).


4ocean Be bot400x2754ocean has announced the arrival of the BeBot, an eco-friendly beach-cleaning robot that mechanically sifts sand to remove plastic waste and other debris without harming the local environment. The goal of the system is to restore coastlines while preserving the natural environment.


Lucid D1Drone400x275Defiance Ventures, a Charlotte, N.C.-based venture capital firm, has announced its investment in Lucid Drone Technologies, which develops and manufactures autonomous drones for labor-intensive tasks such as commercial cleaning and spraying. Terms of the investment were not disclosed.


Cincoze 400x275Taiwan’s Cincoze has announced that its Cincoze DS-1300 rugged industrial computer series has become the choice of epidemic prevention equipment vendors. The DS-1300 can be used within intelligent thermal gate warning systems and intelligent autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that provide disinfection tasks.


Roidmi Vacuum400x275Shenzhen, China-based Roidmi has launched a new robotic vacuum cleaner with automatic dust collection and sterilization functions. With its dust spousal station, the Eve Plus vacuum can store 30 to 60 days of waste, but that also makes it vulnerable to microbes. To fix this, Roidmi added a built-in “deodorizing particle generator” that starts after each automatic disposal.


Surfacide RedSox 400x275Robotics Data, a strategic partner of Robotics World, has announced its latest market report, “Disinfection Robots: Sanitizing the World, One Room at a Time.” The exclusive report provides details on more than 60 companies worldwide creating UVC-based disinfection robots, both semi-autonomous and autonomous. The special report is available for $199 through July 31, 2021, and can be purchased here.



BrainTennant DenverSchools400x275Brain Corp, which develops AI software for robots, has announced that the Denver Public Schools will deploy BrainOS-powered robotic scrubbers, manufactured by Tennant Company, to enhance their cleanliness and sanitation at more than 200 schools.


UVDRobots ISS400x275Denmark-based UVD Robots has announced that it was chosen by ISS World Services, a global workplace experience and facility management company, to provide autonomous robots for disinfection as part of its global offering.