Brain airport400x275Brain Corp, which develops artificial intelligence software for robotics, has announced the launch of BrainOS Mobile, a mobile application that connects operators and managers directly with their BrainOS-powered robot fleets. The company said the app provides real-time visibility on machine locations, status and performance.


Pudu AfraC1 400x275Pudu Robotics, which develops commercial service robots, has announced the new Afra C1 cleaning robot, marking its official entry into the commercial cleaning robot sector. The company said it seeks to explore applications of digital technology in hygiene and sanitation services. It showed off the robot at the CES 2022 event in Las Vegas.


BrainTennantInventory400x275Brain Corp and Tennant Company have announced the launch of Inventory Scan, a new data capture accessory that can be fitted onto its autonomous floor scrubbers to autonomously scan and report key details of in-store inventory. The companies said they will demonstrate the technology at the NRF 2022 show in New York, January 16-18.


BlueOceanFunding400x275Denmark’s Blue Ocean Robotics, which manufactures service robots for tasks including telepresence and UV-C disinfection, has announced an investment of $51.1 million (335 DKK) by A.P. Møller Holding, a privately held investment firm in Denmark.


UBTECH Adibot A 400x275UBTECH Robotics has announced the market availability for the newest addition to its portfolio of robots at CES 2022. The ADIBOT-A autonomous UV-C Disinfection Robot combines disinfection technologies with the latest hardware and artificial intelligence software to provide solutions for creating cleaner and safer spaces, the company said.


HausBot400x275Birmingham, U.K.-based HausBots, in partnership with WMG at the University of Warwick, has announced the availability of its wall-climbing robot. The robot can climb vertical surfaces and be used for inspection and maintenance tasks, such as building and infrastructure inspection, surveying, painting or removing graffiti.


Karcher Brain400x275Brain Corp, which develops artificial intelligence for creating core technology in robotics, has announced the launch of an autonomous vacuum cleaner, the KIRA CV 60/1, with Kärcher, a leading provider of cleaning technology. The autonomous vacuum is the first robotic machine released in partnership between Brain and Kärcher, the companies said in a statement.


Heliogen Icarus 400x275Heliogen, which provides AI-enabled concentrated solar power, has announced a new breakthrough in the production of low-cost renewable energy. In field tests at Heliogen’s Lancaster, Calif., facility, the company demonstrated an autonomous field maintenance system. The Installation & Cleaning Autonomous Robot & Utility Station (ICARUS) is expected to reduce the time to deploy Heliogen’s concentrated solar facilities, as well as the costs associated with construction and ongoing maintenance.


OhmniClean400x275OhmniLabs, which develops autonomous mobile robotics, has announced the launch of OhmniClean, a fully autonomous robot that disinfects areas using UV-C light. At just 58 pounds, the OhmniClean is designed for use in hospitals, schools, hotels and other environments that require deep cleaning in high-touch, hard-to-reach places.


Surfacide Eos 400x275Surfacide, which develops UV-C technologies for cleaning and disinfection, has announced Eos, a portable, hospital-grade UV light disinfection device aimed at high-traffic, everyday spaces such as schools, offices, gyms, hotels, and restaurants. The company said Eos is a stand-alone alternative to the company’s robotic Helios System, a trio of UV robots that aims to fight pathogens in hospitals and healthcare facilities.


IFR MIR 400x275The International Federation of Robotics has reported that the market of professional service robots worldwide has reached $6.7 billion, up 12% compared with 2020. At the same time, sales of new consumer service robots grew 16% to $4.4 billion. The figures are part of the IFR’s World Robotics 2021 report.


ADIBOT Maryland400x275Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) in Maryland has announced it will deploy dozens of ADIBOT robots by UBTECH to protect students, teachers and staff with its UV-C disinfecting technology. UBTECH said this marks the largest deployment of ADIBOT units in a single school district to date, with more than 130,000 students and 22,000 staff in the district.


AeroHygenx400x275Aero HygenX and Ethiopian Airlines Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) outlining a plan for fleetwide deployment and regional marketing of Aero HygenX’s autonomous UV-C light disinfection robot, RAY. The MoU signing marks a first foray into the African market for Aero HygenX, a Canadian technology company offering aviation companies a safe, efficient, and chemical-free solution designed for aircraft cabins and rail cars.


Muve NYC 400x275Energy Focus has announced that its mUVe robot, an autonomous and chemical-free UVC disinfection robot, will be the official Virus-Targeted UVC Robo-Disinfector for next week’s LightFair 2021 conference and trade show, being held Oct. 25-29 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York.


UVDRobot Supermarket400x275Denmark’s UVD Robots has announced a global partnership agreement with OCC Commercial Consulting to help bring its UV-C disinfection robots to supermarkets, food service and retail environments. The company also announced receiving a second order of 100 robots from the European Commission, following a 200-robot order in November 2020.


SkylineRobotics Ozmo400x275Skyline Robotics has announced it has secured $6 million in funding to expand and deploy its Ozmo window-cleaning robots in North America. The company also announced the appointment of Michael Brown as CEO and chairman of the board, and Ross Blum as the company’s chief operating officer.