FBN Tractor400x275.jpgFarmers Business Network (FBN), a global farmer-to-farmer network and agricultural technology company, has announced it will begin taking 2022 applications for its FBN On-Farm R&D Trial Program, a real-world testing program for sustainable agriculture and innovative technologies that connects developers of tech solutions, including robots and sensors, directly with farmers and large scale, on-farm, real-world testing environments.


BeewiseBeehome400x275Beewise, a startup dedicated to saving the world’s bee population, has launched Beehome, a smarthome for bees with an autonomous beekeeping robot that acts as a medic and guardian. The company said the Beehome is the first at-scale solution for saving the global bee population.


SarcosTreeDemo400x275Sarcos Robotics, which develops robotic systems that augment humans for productivity and safety tasks, has announced a successful demonstration of its SenSuit controller garment. As part of its technologies designed for enhanced teleoperation of the Guardian XT mobile robotic system, the demonstration leveraged Sarcos’ proprietary motion caption controller to enable enhanced teleoperation of the robot’s dexterous arms. 


ParrotANAFI400x275Parrot, a Paris-based drone manufacturer, has announced that its ANAFA Ai is the first drone to use 4G as its main data link between the drone and the operator. The drone will be available in the second half of 2021 through its enterprise partners and other drone reseller networks.


AmericanRoboticsDrone400x275American Robotics, which develops autonomous commercial drone systems, has announced a partnership with Scientific Applications & Research Associates (SARA) to advance beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations in the National Airspace System. The goal is to unlock the $100 billion commercial drone market, the companies said.


ScytheRobotics400x275Boulder, Colo.-based Scythe Robotics, which develops commercial-grade autonomous robots for the landscaping industry, has emerged from stealth with its first offering – an all-electric, fully autonomous mower. The company also announced raising $13.8 million in Series A funding, led by Inspired Capital.


Skydio3DScan400x275Skydio, which manufactures drone and autonomous flight technology, has announced the general availability of its Skydio 3D Scan adaptive scanning software, which adds artificial intelligence to automate photographic data collection and mapping tasks, ranging from infrastructure asset inspection to crime and accident scene reconstruction. The software is now available for Skydio 2, with Skydio X2 availability coming soon. The software can be purchased as an optional add-on to any Skydio 2, starting at $2,999 per drone per year, or as part of new vehicle and software bundles.


FJD Lawnmower400x275China-based FJDynamics has released its first fully autonomous electric lawn mower, giving users accurate global navigation satellite system (GNSS) positioning and robotics technology. With the mower, FJDynamics has officially entered the field of smart gardening, the company said.


InOrbitTimeCapsule400x275InOrbit, which develops cloud-based software that helps operations staff with the monitoring and management of their robot fleets, has announced Time Capsule, a new offering aimed at giving roboticists and operations greater insights into the reasons why their robots might be failing in certain locations or scenarios. The Time Capsule offering is immediately available for new and existing InOrbit customers, the company said.


AmericanRobotics Scout 400x275Ondas Holdings, which develops software-based wireless broadband technology, has announced an agreement to acquire American Robotics, which develops commercial drone systems that can operate beyond-visual-line-of-sight without a human operator on the ground. The $70.6 million acquisition (via a mixture of cash and equity securities) will integrate the two companies’ technology platforms to allow for the improved maintenance, monitoring and operation of critical infrastructure, the companies said in a statement.


InOrbitWebinar400x275InOrbit, which develops cloud-based software to help companies manage and orchestrate their robotics deployments, has announced a webinar to showcase the features and functions of its platform and how it relates to robotics operations, also known as RobOps. The free webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, May 26, 2021, at 8 a.m. PT.


PrecisionAI 400x275Precision AI, a computer vision and robotics company dedicated to sustainable farming practices, has announced closing $20 million in equity and grant funding. The seed round was co-led by At One Ventures (founded by GoogleX co-founder Tom Chi) and the Industrial Innovation Venture Fund of BDC Capital. The new financing will support the company’s work on a disruptive precision farming platform that deploys swarms of artificially intelligent drones to dramatically reduce herbicide use in row crop agriculture.


XAGDronesAustralia400x275XAG Agricultural Drone has announced joining a program to examine the effectiveness of drones on precision spraying and revegetation to help curb the spread of the African Lovegrass (ALG) exotic weed. The ALG weed originated from South Africa and was introduced to Australia in the 20th century. It can rapidly take over a pasture and render the land worthless by wiping out native plants and animals. The ALG invasion not only degrades the natural ecosystem but threatens the livelihood of farmers because livestock cannot survive without palatable grasses to eat.


MonarchTractorFounders400x275Monarch Tractor, which is developing a fully electric, driver-optional smart tractor, has announced the first deployment at Wente Vineyards, one of the oldest, continuously operated family winery in the U.S. The company said this is the first of 15 pilot series deployments prior to its production deliveries in Q4 2021 as the company looks to electrify the agricultural industry.


TrimbleHorsch400x275HORSCH and Trimble have announced a collaboration that will focus on developing solutions to enable autonomy in agriculture with the goal of building a future for autonomous machines and workflows in the industry. The collaboration will extend beyond autonomously controlling machines, such as a self-propelled crop protection sprayer, to full workflow automation from the office to the field. The relationship will integrate Trimble’s autonomy expertise in guidance systems, path planning and in-field automation with HORSCH’s fleet of machines.

CarbonRobotics400x275Carbon Robotics has unveiled its third-generation autonomous weed elimination robots. The Autonomous Weeder combines robotics, artificial intelligence and laser technology to safely and effectively drive through crop fields to identify, target, and eliminate weeds.