VueRoboticsStation400x275New Hampshire-based Vue Robotics has announced it finished product development on its new weather security product, ARC1. The ARC1 is a solar-powered camera that includes integrated environmental sensors to provide real-time insights on site conditions.


Flyability Elios3 400x275Switzerland’s Flyability has announced the Elios 3, a collision-tolerant drone equipped with a lidar sensor for indoor 3D mapping tasks. The drone is powered by a new SLAM engine called FlyAware that lets it create 3D models as it flies, and also includes a new version of Inspector 4.0, the company’s software for inspectors.


BuiltRoboticsDigger400x275Built Robotics, which develops aftermarket autonomy systems for construction equipment, has announced raising $64 million in Series C funding. The latest round was led by Tiger Global, with participation from existing investors at NEA, Founders Fund, Fifth Wall, and Building Ventures.


raven power400x275Raven Industries, which develops driverless agricultural technology, has announced the launch of OMNiPOWER 3200, the latest model of its autonomous power platform. The company is showcasing the vehicle at Commodity Classic, a farmer-led and farmer-focused trade event in the U.S.


VerdantRobotics400x275Verdant Robotics has announced the expansion of its robots-as-a-service (RaaS) model to ensure access for more specialty crop farmers, as well as meet their demands for more sustainable and profitable growing practices.


CarbonRoboticsLaserWeeder400x275Agricultural robotics firm Carbon Robotics has unveiled its 2022 LaserWeeder implement, an autonomous laser-weeding pull-behind robot that can seamlessly attach to the back of a tractor. The system is aimed at weed control for large-scale specialty row crops.


H3Dynamics Solar400x275H3 Dynamics has announced a new robots-as-a-service (RaaS) offering for autonomous solar farm monitoring, in partnership with Belgium’s Sitemark, which specializes in AI analytics.


FirgelliMicroActuator400x275Firgelli Automations has announced developing what it believes is the world’s smallest Diameter Micro Actuator with Positional feedback control, capable of controlling positions to within 1 micron. The technology would revolutionize industries that include robotics, automotive, industrial and medical, the company said.


TinyMobileRobots400x275German industrial group STIHL has announced it acquired 23.8% of Danish robotics company TinyMobileRobots, which uses GPS to autonomously mark lines for sports fields around the world. STIHL said its robotic lawn mowers share a strong technical kinship with the line marking robots produced by TinyMobileRobots, which can be used in other sectors such as road construction and agriculture.


TopconGTL 1200 400x275Topcon Positioning Group, which designs and manufactures precision measurement and workflow solutions for construction, geospatial and agriculture markets, has announced the release of the GTL-1200. The new system combines the power of a robotic total station with a best-in-class laser scanner, enabling users to perform digital layout and capture high-resolution 3D scans within a single setup.


ElectricSheepDexter400x275Electric Sheep Robotics, which develops autonomous lawn mowers, has announced raising $21.5 million in Series A financing, led by Tiger Global. The company also announced general availability of its Dexter robot, which takes existing commercial lawn mowers, both gas and electric, and turns them into autonomous vehicles.


AigenFunding400x275Aigen, a startup developing a scalable solar-powered robotics platform for agriculture and soil regeneration, has announced raising $4 million in a seed round, led by NEA with participation from AgFunder, Global Founders Capital, and ReGen Ventures. The company said it will open the doors of a new lab space in Kirkland, Wash., as well as ramp up in 2022 to launch their platform to help regenerate soil at a planetary scale.


CESTakeaways400x275CES is always one of the biggest trade shows of the year, where companies from all different sectors come to Las Vegas to show off their latest innovations. Companies that make robots, drones and self-driving cars are among those that have attended in recent years, and this year was no different. While several big companies pulled out of the show due to COVID-related concerns, there were still enough announcements in the space to make people talk about what’s coming next in technology.


JohnDeereAutoTractor400x275John Deere has announced a fully autonomous tractor that is ready for large-scale production. The new system combines Deere’s 8R Tractor, TruSet-enabled chisel plow, GPS guidance system and other advanced technologies. The company said the tractor will be available to farmers later this year.


XAG P100 spray400x275China’s XAG has announced the launch of five new products aimed at agricultural usages that will be available globally in 2022. The XAG P50 and P100 agricultural drones, M500 and M2000 Remote Sensing Drones, and an updated XAG R150 Unmanned Ground Vehicle aim to empower farmers with more sophisticated autonomous solutions, the company said.


PointOneLigado400x275Mobile communications company Ligado Networks and Point One Navigation announced that Liegado will provide pervasive, high-performance satellite capacity to support Point One’s Polaris GNSS correction service. The partnership will initially provide L-Band service to electric vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), with expansion to additional sectors in coming years.