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Bela-Bela is a town in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Deriving its name from the geothermic hot springs around which the town was built, it was called Warmbaths, until 2002.

Kathleen Stevens

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Underpriced properties destroy the market!
"Kathleen Stevens"

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South African
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I am Kathleen Stevens - I have been working and scanning the area around Bela Bela for 5+ years and through research and contact with clients both buyers and sellers, have gained an excellent knowledge of various property types – Plots, Smallholdings, Farms, Wildlife Farms and Estates, Bushveld Lifestyle, Lodges, Businesses and on the Residential side, Freeholdings, Sectional Title, Gated Villages and Retirement Villages.

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+27 (0) 83 508 1890